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Its been a long season but the end is not yet in sight. Fortunatley, the past few weeks on the home continent served as an effective morale boost. Aside from the obvious MEGA-Bonus of spending some time at home in GA… The utah and colorado races were a huge hit. Having high quality races like those that we can come “home” to during the summer go a long way in shortening the ever present cultural gap in this sport. Hopefully the UT and CO races continue to grow and keep giving us a good reason to come home to do what we do.

Much like last year the races up in Quebec were absolute beasts. Equaled to alpine Tour stages in their climbing and the most technicle US crits in their cornering, those races are no joke. Unless your name is P. Gilbert, then maybe you were laughing! By the looks of it we will be spending a lot of time on the front trying to control races next year!

Up next… World championships in Copenhagen Denmark. It will be my 6th time reppin the USA at worlds, 3rd as a Pro. Always an honor and really means a lot to line up wearing red, white and blue. I’m excited about the team we have this year… A bunch of guys who I’ve came through the ranks with, one of them (Farrar) being touted as a legit contender for this years edition.

Plenty more after that… Racing in China!?!? Well maybe if I can get a Visa!


Here I am about to start the next race of my 2011 season and I’ve realized I haven’t even done a TDF recap…

Its been an overwhelming whirlwind, but one thats been a real honor and overall pleasure to experience. Being part of our Team’s effort last month, especially with the outcome we’ve had is something I’ll carry with me and treasure forever. The huge waves of support via this site, facebook, twitter and in general have been incredible. Thank you EVERYONE!


I think I’ve described and generally told “the story” of July a hundred times over the past 2 weeks to various journalists, so keep your eyes open! I think “Peloton Mag” and “CycleSport” should have a couple nice features coming. Or you can check HERE for some of last months “dirt”.

Onto the present… Time to get back at it. 2 weeks is not much time to decompress from something as huge as the Tour, especially when you factor in the flight back across the pond, a round of antibiotics and generally piecing my “off the bike” life back together. Fortunately, Utah seems like a good place to get it going again. Small team here, 6 riders. ALL AMERICAN! I have plenty of fond memories from this race so hopefully we will continue to make more of those this next week.

1 to go

what a day. hard to put into words what I felt as I watched Cadel storm that TT and step onto the bus wearing that jersey. special.

a year ago, it was the eve of me riding into Paris in my first Tour de France. I could hardly believe it. This year, I have that same feeling, maybe even more so. Riding into Paris tomorrow with Cadel and the team in YELLOW. After 3 weeks where we have all been to what feels like the brink of oblivion (at least for me!), its purely incredible.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me, and helped “us” get to this point.