TDF stages 1 and 2

Two days into the Tour and once again, its hard to describe. Its…. The Tour. Not much you can compare it to. yesterday was the anticipated high stress and high danger affair as we nuked it through the countryside of northwest France. Much different vibe than the first road stage last year (much more rural compared to urban) but that spectators turned out in force. Unfortunately the spectators also proved to be more decisive than any feature of the race causing a big crash with about 8 km to go. Although i was tangled up and stopped by this one (as well as a few others) I made it safely to the line. Cadel once again showing his versatility and every day tenacity with a fine 2nd place.

Today was a pressure cooker. I’ve done big races, time trials, team trials but I can’t say any of them compared to today. So much to lose on a stage like this but also plenty to gain. On top of the time numbers there’s also the confidence factor. A good ride today was extremely important as we really get going into the race this week. When it was all said and done a solid time. It stings a little to know we were within striking distance of the big W but so were plenty of other teams. No doubt we all left every last bit of ourselves out there on the road. It is truly incredible how competitive this sport is.


Onto tomorrow…. a “routine” looking profile but its the Tour so I’m sure it will be anything but. At a stout 200 km with a long pre and post race transfers its going to be a long day. On the up side we get out of this cramped hotel which we’ve been in for the past five days. My room mate Ameal is a great guy, but cannot sleep with the window open or the fan on! really hoping it doesn’t get too hot!