double digits

The first rest day has come and gone; it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The first week was tough on everyone, but hitting the pavement the day before the rest day made a day “off” all the more helpful. I’m still physically sore and krusty feeling today, but being able to switch off the mind yesterday was really nice and has somewhat refreshed my attitude and desire to get back at it today. The events which took place on sunday and even the first week as a whole deserve some further thought, reflection and analyzing, but for now its all about today. Getting it done, making it through and then quickly doing my best to forget about it and move onto the next. Each day provides enough “skin of your teeth” incidents to think and go on about for hours, but when there are 21 in a row it is best to leave that for later.

The human body is incredible and miraculous but even more so is the mind. Time to put them both through the ringer once again… Stage 10 here we come.