Here. We. Go

Eve of this years TDF.  A good time to take a final moment to think about where I am, how I arrived here and where I came from.  Really blessed and fortunate to have so many wonderful people behind me and loving me.  Big opportunity.  Thank you to all who have helped me along the way and who will keep pushing me through the next 3 weeks!


Been spending the last 2 days looking at courses (TTT and stage 1), team presentation, interviews, meetings, press conferences, new equipment and all the other “circus priming” activities.  We are staying at Campanile for 5 nights in a row.  For those of you who haven’t had the privilege… think Motel 6 but much smaller.

Today is also one final chance to enjoy basic things like… not being tired, sore and blasted.  Yes the race goes for three weeks but NO we won’t race it with the coming days in mind.  Thats my prediction at least.  Starting with a road race stage that is likely to be windswept, guaranteed to be nervous and containing a stout final 2 km of uphill to the finish… Tomorrow looks to be more like a one day classic.  Hmm, actually every day the first week could be that way.  Anyway… here we go!  wish me luck!