2011 is my fourth year with BMC. I’ve been fortunate to be with the team as its grown, and I’m honored to be part of many of the teams breakthroughs and “firsts”. Today was a huge one for the team…. first stage win at the Tour. Knowing how hard so many people have worked to reach a goal like this gives it extra meaning. Although the super-humans that often pull off the victories and cross the line first sometimes make victory seem “smooth” or like a last minute impulse… I’ve seen first hand how much and how long it takes for it all to come together… its a thrill to be part of it.

Today it was the job of me and my frenchi room mate Amael to set pace on the front of the main bunch during the early and middle portions of the race. Help control the time gap to the break and give our team mates the benefit of setting up behind us, towards the front on the rolling and twisty roads. I’ve had the opportunity to set pace on the front of the pack during the TDF on 2 occasions now…. once last year with Yellow in the team and now again today… a stage win. WOW! I should probably pinch myself as it will be tough to keep up that sort of streak. Still… the challenge of pushing wind and digging into the “energy bank” really is a rewarding one when the team delivers like they did today! Cadel never ceases to impress.

More first-week-fun at the Tour tomorrow. We seem to be stuck in this northwest part of the country… rain, wind and nearby ocean…