Stage 6 - Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Stage 6 of the "Volta" Ciclista a Catalunya, A.E. was an interesting one.  We woke up to falling snow with already a few accumulated inches. With the profile immediately going up a seven-kilometer climb where temps were well below freezing and even more snow on the roads, race organizers, teams and rider reps made the tough but safe call to transfer the start farther down the road. 


This translated to a long morning with a couple hours in the bus and more waiting around, but that didn’t slow down the racing. These short starts are notorious for creating surprises and there were plenty of attacks from km 0. 

When two riders grabbed a bit of a gap, I think most of us thought they would be easily managed by teams with a sprint interest.  A climb midway through split the bunch and then some crosswind split it again. 

Brent Cat 2.jpeg

We stayed up and in good position and were on the good end of all the splits. Most of us thought the two riders would be pulled back just in time, but once again it proved how exciting shorter stages can be. They stayed away for the win. 

It’s always a shame when a break stays away and BMC Racing Team doesn't have someone in there, but with only two riders staying away, obviously, there are a lot of teams feeling this way!  I was happy to stay relatively warm, thanks to a huge pile of great gear. My laundry bag was very full tonight-- winter shorts, knee warmers, shoe covers, base layer, arm warmers, jersey, vest, liberty jacket, Sturm Prinz rain jacket, cycling cap and neoprene gloves!

📷: Photo Gomez Sport