My Morning Routine


{at home} 

Wake Up Time?

It really varies. When I have a good block of time in Girona, it is inevitable that we shift into the “Spanish schedule” where we eat dinner later. This translates into to a later bedtime and later wake up.  On average, I’d say I’m up in the 8-9 am range.



I try not to set an alarm. I believe getting sufficient rest is one of the most important things I can do for my health and performance.  When I’m at a race, there’s always a pretty set schedule and someone plans out every minute of our day, so when I’m home, I relish the chance to enjoy the morning and wake up naturally. 

The only time I set an alarm at home is when I know I need to get out the door for a group ride or a big training day that will take up most of the daylight.




Always!  I love coffee and love the ritual of preparing it and enjoy the process of waking up with it.  At home, I’ll usually make an Americano and play barista for Jamie’s cafe con leche.



My favorite meal of the day!  I find a good breakfast sets the tone for a good day and it is also important fuel for training.  I really enjoy breakfast at home and try to mix it up from day to day depending on my training.  I know I probably won’t always live a life where I get to put so much priority and time into my morning routine, so I enjoy making the most of it.  

Oatmeal is a staple, but I always mix it up with different grains and mix-ins.  Pancakes are a favorite, which I also enjoy mixing it up with different base flours. And of course a variety of toppings!

When I’m in Spain, I miss my waffle iron that’s back home in the USA.  On easy days, omelets and egg-based breakfasts are a go-to. There is always a bit of fruit too.


Training Time?

I don’t train the same time every day; it really varies depending on the day, weather, riding partners and what else I need to accomplish off the bike that day.


Morning Habits?

My morning habits, such as meditation, stretching, and yoga, vary from day to day. Usually, I’ll do at least a little bit of flexibility and/or activation work to loosen up before heading out on the bike. 

I find meditating in the morning is a great way to set my mind and gain some awareness of my body and mind. Even if I don’t devote time to a full session, I’ll usually take few deep breaths, take a moment to find one particular thought of appreciation, and then set an intentional thought that I can apply to my day ahead.  I picked up this practice from one of my favorite podcasts, “Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais.”


{at a race} 

How does your morning routine change on the road?

When we are at a race, the time the race starts and the time needed to transfer sets the schedule. We are rarely on our own schedule, and I’m usually checking the daily schedule multiple times each morning to make sure I’m on task to get out the door on time.


Race breakfast?

Oatmeal, eggs, fruit. 


Habits on the Road?

I usually travel with my own coffee setup…. beans, hand grinder, hot water kettle and pour over cone with filters.  It takes a few extra minutes, but I enjoy this time to myself and enjoy getting to do something independent that isn’t on the team or race program. 

I’ll brew up before breakfast, have a few sips to wake up so that when I head down to the breakfast table--which can be already buzzing with pre-race energy--I’m awake and calibrated for the day.


Daily News?

I like to at least make a quick browse of the daily news.  I’m often too distracted to really engage in it, but just having the awareness that there is a huge world outside of the race bubble helps to keep a little perspective.  I also can’t forget to send a few messages or maybe even grab a quick call home to Jamie!