Stage 5 - Abu Dhabi Tour

Today was the final stage of the Abu Dhabi Tour and we are bummed we didn't have Rohan bringing home the overall leader's jersey. Aside from just missing some legs on the final climb, there isn’t much we could have done differently.


The first 190 kilometers were flat, but the race wasn't that straightforward. There was wind again. Super strong and always changing winds, so despite riding on the front the whole day, we still got swarmed when fighting for position.


The boys rolling the front did an awesome job, and it was up to Damiano Caruso and me to be there for Rohan on the final climb.


The pace during the first kilometers of the climb was downright savage and I was quickly over my head. I did my best to close a gap for Rohan when I saw guys in front of us starting to explode and after that, I was pretty much toast. I was disappointed I wasn't there for him longer, but that was the best I could do today.

I’m really looking forward to heading back to Girona, riding in some green mountains and hopefully continuing to build my condition.

But first, I have a brutal trip to get there. Already I've clocked almost five hours in the car and five hours on the bike today and my flight to Brussels leaves at 2:45am. From there, I have to recheck my bags to fly to Spain. ....

I have to say, a place races could improve would be streamlining the travel out so athletes can optimize recovery. Looking ahead, my next race is set to be Volta Catalunya, so check back for more race updates. Thanks for following along through this round!

📷 Photo Getty Images / Tim De Waele