Stage 3 - Abu Dhabi Tour

Stage 3 of the Abu Dhabi Tour was another hot day in the desert with some massive roads. Basically, the only things I remember of note were a few camels and the Abu Dhabi skyline. After yesterday’s splits in the wind, the bunch was definitely more on edge today.

There were a few moments of hectic position fighting and some aggressive wind riding, but it turned out to be defensive, and we barreled into downtown Abu Dhabi for a big bunch finish.

At times, the wide roads were nice because you can always able to move up, but they also become dangerous and a little crazy when 150 riders can move back and forth in four lanes of traffic while going 50 km/hour.

Tomorrow’s time trial will be a big showdown between many of the top TT riders who are here specifically for this stage---for BMC Racing Team, that would be Rohan. Personally, I’m looking forward to the physical test and having the chance to apply a full TT warm up and effort in a race situation. This could be the only ITT I do for a few months....

(📷 might be added later...)