Stage 1 - Volta a La Comunitat Valenciana

First day of racing for the 2018 season and it went well. Thankfully the sun was out for Stage 1 of the Volta a La Comunitat Valenciana - VCV and I was excited to race. Being back in a big bunch of riders was definitely an adjustment, but today was about as smooth as it could go.


The end got pretty messy with strong headwinds, roundabouts and speed bumps. Combine that with nearly 200 fresh, ambitious bike racers (and some that were a little delusional….) and things got sketchy. A few guys hit the deck, but I stayed safe and out of trouble.

As an added bonus, my roomie and new BMC Racing Team Belgian teammate Jürgen Roelandts notched a nice top three!


Tomorrow will be a less predictable and more demanding day of racing with much more climbing including a tough climb about 30 km from the finish. I expect that will shake up the race and most likely narrow down the finishing group. It’ll be a good test at the end.

📷 credit: GomezSport