Bookwalter Forced to Abandon the OVO Energy Tour of Britain After Crash on Stage 4

Medical Update on Brent Bookwalter

Brent was forced to abandon the OVO Energy Tour of Britain after crashing into a parked car on stage 4 which left him with multiple contusions, BMC Racing Team doctor, Dr. Scott Major confirmed. See below for the initial medical update:

"It looked like Brent hit the edge of the car coming out of the corner and then flew forward, and was lying near the passenger side door. He didn't go into the windshield, but he did hit his head and has a mild to moderate concussion, which is the biggest concern and we will continue to monitor him now he is out of the hospital. He also has some small lacerations, including one on his shoulder which required stitches, as well as some road rash and a deep thigh contusion. He underwent X-rays at the hospital, and everything came back negative so there are no fractures and all his injuries appear superficial at the moment. In terms of his recovery, I think it will be good for him to back on the bike in the next four to six days to spin the legs but he will definitely need a couple of days rest," Dr. Major explained. 

Bookwalter is disappointed to crash out of the race but is thankful that his injuries will not require too much time off the bike. 

"I don't remember the crash entirely which does make it a little scary. I remember, at the last moment, hitting the car and then I was on the ground. I instinctively tried to get back up but my head was pounding, and I was feeling a bit fuzzy. Since being taken to the hospital, I have slowly been getting back to myself, but I am definitely feeling sore. As disappointed as I am to crash out of the race, I can be thankful that I had a big round of X-rays and there are no fractures, and I won't have a prolonged period of recovery. I am definitely in some pain but thankful that it wasn't as bad as it maybe could have been," Bookwalter added. 

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