May 12th - Stage 2 - Giro d’Italia

  • Stage/Finish: Bologna › Fucecchio

  • Distance: 205 kilometers (flat)

  • Weather: Rain



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Brent's Update:

Out on the wet, open roads of Italy for Stage 2 and I was reminded that even the “sprint” days at the Giro are hilly or near mountainous. Having Simon sitting second overall adds some pressure to keep him up front and out of trouble. On days like today, that is also self-serving because it keeps us focused and generally up front on constantly twisting and technical roads. The downside to riding good position, upfront in a field of almost 200 riders is that a trip to the car takes a long time and a solid dose of energy getting back up.

Things eventually dried up, but a stiff tailwind kept us moving quickly and often splitting the bunch. It seemed the breakaway was happy to use their fresh legs in a show of power instead of going more tactical and timing their effort to a specific moment.


My task today was to stay glued to Simon with the help from my roommate Jack Bauer and to keep Simon out of the wind, well positioned, clothed and fed for the first 150 or so kilometers before a new block came into that role for the final 50 km. We were happy to all finish safely after several riders hit the deck. It was a pretty big day out and tomorrow looks to be even longer, but hopefully less wet.