September 10th - Rest Day - La Vuelta

  • Santander

  • Distance: 0.0 kilometers



Brent's Update:

The second rest day at a Grand Tour feels like the arrival at an oasis after a long, bleak trek through the desert.

Despite being situated literally in a gas station parking lot--don’t be jealous, the view out my windows is overlooking gas pumps—it was great to get through last week and especially the gnarly Stage 15.

Jamie came in along with a few of my other teammate’s wives/ girlfriends and having some fresh outside enthusiasm immediately lifted the mood.

For the rest day, it was business as usual with a team ride where we checked out the TT course, followed by massage, and then a physio check-up. My back has been tweaked the past few days, but thankfully we have some awesome support to put me back together each day. 

 I’ve been debating how to approach the TT.  I see potential opportunities in the next four road stages, so it may be wise to ratchet it back and take it as an “open back up” day as opposed to an all-out onslaught.

On the other hand, having the freedom from not protecting a team GC position is also an opportunity to test us late in the race. Obviously, Rohan is guns blazing ready to go and has been targeting this stage since day 1. I think my roomie, Joey, will also do the USA skinsuit proud.

For the rest of us, it will likely be a matter of feeling it out knowing that there is always an opportunity but also being aware of the demands that lie ahead in this final week and managing resources accordingly.