Stage 3 - Tour of Utah

Whoa, Stage 3 of the Tour of Utah was a hot one! It took forever for the break to form and I was left covering moves because we started a guy down after Tom didn’t start.

To make matters tougher, our young stagiaire Freddy crashed while the earlier attacks were going, so BMC Racing Team is now down to five.


So today we were happy for Lotto to do the controlling after such a dominant performance yesterday. (Hopefully, it tired them out a bit!)

I did my best to stay up front and have another go in the sprint but it was a full-size group, and the relatively easy circuit didn’t play to my strengths. Finished just outside of top 10 in 12th.


Tomorrow is the always tough Salt Lake City circuit race, but they’ve moved the finish line to the bottom of the hill instead of up at the top, which I’m sure will deliver some more action before heading back into the mountains for the weekend.

📷: Jonathan Devich