Prologue - Tour of Utah

What a start to this year’s Tour of Utah! Typically this would count as a stage win but today’s podium sweep by BMC Racing Team's Tejay, Joey, and Tom makes it so much more special.

From my end, it is a little bittersweet because I’d hoped to be up there in the mix with them. Historically, I’ve never put together what you’d call an impressive road bike time trial, but I still went into today confident and ready to do a good one.

Instead, I got to remember that hard lesson about relying on technology. Just as I went out of the gate, I noticed I had no power reading to pace myself of off.

Maybe it was radio interference from the video motos? Who knows. I refocused and went old school by just pushing and giving everything I had.

The day ended with an interesting mix of riders in the top 20 with most of the GC contenders up there, which I expected because the prologue was such a short road bike effort. So fairly minimal time gaps going into Stage 1 but still big enough gaps that it will influence how the coming days are raced.

Tejay looks like he’s come out of the Tour in great shape and I look forward to helping him defend yellow as we head into the road stages.