They make roads out of what???

We rode the first 10 pave sectors today. Pave is an interesting word for them. I’d prefer to call them “body thrashers”.

I was surprised to see how “unflat” the route in general was. Lots of gentle rollers, up and down. The cobble sections that have a rise to them are gonna be leg breakers. Imagining the race w 260 km of that, it’s easy to see why “sturdy” fellas usually excel here.

We got our bikes geared out with a few PR trick parts. Different forks, chainrings, pedals, and of course wheels. Thinking about sliding some padding in my bars too.

Gotta love hanging in french hotel rooms. All of my stuff is literally never more than an arms reach away.

Gotta rest the wrists.

send me the power, please